Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunset on Halloween Night

Before the ghost and goblins came out to get free candy, there was a beautiful sunset in Fonda. This tree, holding tight to its last fruit, is located outside of my mother's house. Again, since I am not a fan of winter, I cherish this time of year when you find the last remnants of summer and autumn in mother nature. It is nearly 11:30 and I'm proud to have met the deadline for posting pictures. This caps off a great night where I spent the evening watching two eerie movies with my nieces and sister. A student of mine, and a friend of my nieces, also joined us as we ate pizza, wings and popcorn! I can't believe I have to think of yet another subject to photograph tomorrow! One day at a time! Goodnight.


jvelez said...

That is a beautiful picture and the composition is great. Sounds like a great night. I can't wait those scary movies; I'm a chicken:)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

trishalyn said...

Yes...beautiful images...the first one is my favorite! I raced to my computer this morning to see if you had made the midnight deadline...and gosh darnit, you had!!! Just kidding...great job!

Bridget said...

sounds like a great halloween
very nice image.
did i thank you for this blogging competition?
it really is fun.
it was a great idea.

linda said...

I, too, checked your blog early this morning to see if you made the deadline. Darn it!! You did it. Good for you.