Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do I Have A Flare? Or Not

Today I headed out very early to embark upon my overnight trip to "somewhere". I took my time driving Rt.5S all the way to Syracuse. From there I was going to head South toward Cortland. From there I was going to head to the Finger Lakes, stay overnight and come back on Monday. Well, that plan didn't work out as my Jeep decided to trigger the engine light and to make my gas gauge read empty even though it was full. With fear of being stuck on the side of the road on a holiday weekend, with no hope of finding assistance, I turned around and headed home on the Thruway-quickly and directly. Good news is that I made it home! As far as my images, I knew that I would be encountering bright sunshine today and so I decided that I would attempt using sun flare to my advantage. Rather than avoiding the sun, I purposely shot at an angle -into the sun. I was very pleased to capture some sun flare on the image since that is truly what I wanted. Maybe it is too 'blown out' for the viewer's liking, but it was another planned attempt on my part and that pleased me. This little church, near Utica was perfectly situated for my sun-flare attempt. The sun was on the left of the church and, though it was fairly early, (9:30ish?) it was quite bright. I took a few shots and by that time the sun had already gone too high for my liking. I hope that when the image is on the blog, you can see a few sun-flare circles.

Now it is up to you....either I have a flare for this sort of thing or I failed?


jvelez said...

Sorry your trip didn't work out. You definitely have a flare. These came out great. I love simple buildings and fall and sunlight...what a diving combination!

trishalyn said...

Flare? When I viewed the first image, I thought I was looking at a beautiful "fog" scene. Boy, you fooled me! (Loved your pun, too!). So sorry your journey was thwarted...but glad you made it home safely. Remember - things always happen for a reason! To answer your definitely have flare!!! Lovely church photos!!!