Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Twist, Old Pic

So far I have been lucky to have had the time and places to take some relatively interesting images. I won't be able to keep this pace for an entire year; however, perhaps photoshop does allow a photographer to be creative and produce images- even with an ordinary or typical picture? This is the great debate, correct? Is manipulating an image still art? Or is manipulation of images a tool which takes the art out of photography? I'm trapped without a reliable vehicle so I'm spending the night exploring photo shop elements! I actually like this image. You?


linda said...

Steve, I really like it. I love b&w, so this is really appealing to me.

trishalyn said...

Your question on the great debate reminds me of history. As you know, when photography was first invented, it stirred up a huge controversy in the art world...painters didn't consider photography "real" art! I'll leave the debate to others, but I do commend you on your skill in Photoshop! I love what you did with this image (especially that textured background!), but the full color photo is still my favorite!