Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do I need a life, or what?

Ok, so I already posted today but I took the following pictures later and wanted to share! My niece Jamie ran another race today (remember she is in 5th grade!) and I wanted to post her picture. I'm the proud uncle of the third place winner! The tree and the truck were amazingly colorful. I'm not sure how they will display on the blog; however, in person they were both radiant. The truck had too much 'noise' behind it so I had to get creative in order to use the image. Telephone polls, people, fences, wires, etc. would not have allowed the viewer to really see the truck and so I hope this fun picture isn't too much!


linda said...

Steve, love the images. Next time you're taking a shot of something like the truck with junk in the background, do something with your camera--zoom it, move it, jump up and down, or swirl it to make it look like the image you posted.
I really like the tree--it's just an ordinary photo, but the colors are great and you got the entire tree--certainly tells the story of Fall.
And proud Jamie and uncle Steve! Very nice.

jvelez said...

I love the truck picture. I think you did a great job composing it. And the color is amazing. You were really into your camera today! I'm glad becaue your results were refreshing!

trishalyn said...

Congratulations to your niece. She is certainly a winner...not only in the race, but in "life", also. She is quite fortunate to have such an involved, loving uncle in her life. Beautiful portrait of her, too! I liked how you composed it, with her offset a bit. The truck photo was great...that red color really popped! You showed growth in your art by thinking of the end result before "clicking" the shutter. My favorite, though, was the gorgeous tree in its full fall colors! The fence was the icing on the cake...leading the viewer thru the picture. Great reward in that image! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!!!