Monday, April 16, 2012


Does anyone know why pictures look a bit soft until you enlarge them?  It's annoying!

FDR's Mansion

The Roosevelt's small family home (yea, right!) has a much more comfortable feel than the Vanderbilt's.  The home is quite modest for, arguably, the most popular U.S. President.  The cottage seen above is Eleanor's place.  After FDR passed she had no interest in remaining in the Roosevelt's home (she lived with her mother-in-law for years!)  Looking at the photos I bet you can tell what his favorite horse was named.  Again, tough conditions for a photographer as the Roosevelt home is very dark/dimly lit.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Vanderbilt's were only one of the rich and famous families who owned mansions in Hyde Park, NY.  These photos document the mansion without creativity; however, when on a tour there is no time for creativity.  In fact no tripods were allowed and absolutely NO flash!  I'm very happy with the quality considering such rules.  I'll spare my thousands of blogs followers the stories told on tour; however, I will give one compliment to the Vanderbilt family.  Apparently, though their status was unmatched during the Gilded Age, they were a generous and kind family to work for.  I found myself connected to this family as I too treat my 'help' well.