Monday, November 14, 2011

Assignment- A picture within a picture

This assignment was a challenge.  It was difficult to hold an image up to a scene where the scene has changed (it's even difficult to describe), and keep both shots in sharp focus.  I like the concept and was successful up to a point.  I will try again with subjects that I'm more connected with, using some family photos for example.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The End Of My View

The beautiful barn, across the street from my house, will soon no longer be there.  I must say that even though I will never forgive my neighbors they did have the barn taken down in style!  They were considerate enough to have the barn dismantled in a photo-friendly way.  This scene unfolded by surprise since I did not know the barn was coming down; therefore, I grabbed my camera and shot the images through my bedroom window.  They aren't award winning photos but they tell a story.

The photo above has a vignette effect and the photo below has a 'glow' added to it.  Since the sky was so bright and white I chose a 'glow' to make the subject blend with the sky.  Rather than apologize for the white sky I worked with it.

 Below, I turned the image into an old-fashioned image. Again, I think the subject lends itself to an antique look.