Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Contagious Personality!

What a fun day! I was invited to my mother's house for a birthday celebration which offers a lot of opportunities for family photos. I decided that I would ask for a volunteer to accompany me outside for a fun fall photo-shoot. Jenna, always a sport, agreed to help me out. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. In fact, the image of her looking at the camera was her idea! She is the family member that is bold and brave and these pictures remind me of her outward personality. Jenna participates in life, taking on all sorts of challenges. She faces any challenge straight on, just like when she looks directly into the camera. Incidentally, Jenna noticed that she was the only niece not shown on my blog. Jenna, they say that the best is saved for last.


jvelez said...

And what an awesome picture that last one makes especially! You are blessed with a great family and you've clearly captured not only a treasured moment, but the inner picture of a young girl's personality! I love it!

trishalyn said...

Don't we all have memories of such fun as we were growing up? Not only did you capture your niece's vibrant spirit in those wonderful images, but you brought out the "kid" in all of us. Thank you!