Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tehnique Alert

Thank you for the kind comments regarding my last picture, the circle of soccer. I saw the coach gathering the girls in a circle around her and I liked the symbolism that as coach, she was standing in the middle of her 'troops'. I photographed that image and then in elements I quickly eliminated a few items-gym bag and soccer ball from the frame. I wanted the grass to be the background without clutter. I used a filter to give the image a swirl or two and the image, on the blog, is the result. What filter? uh...mmm...I honestly forgot! But it was fun practicing with all the filter possibilities.


linda said...

Okay Steve, so basically it isn't "real" photography. Guess you could see that one coming, huh. Very nice anyway. Certainly got us thinking.

trishalyn said...

Thanks for the info, Steve. I love your creativity using're becoming quite skilled at "Photoshopping"!!!

Framing Images and Memories said...

The image is as real as Rick Sammons' who does more than tweak his photos, changing the time of day, paying people to pose, setting up the scenes like the director of a movie, changing the color of people's clothing, etc. And he is famous and a world traveler! And respected.