Saturday, October 11, 2008

Morning Fog

I love the mornings. You ever notice that people are nicer? The workers at Stewarts are friendlier, drivers are more patient and less agressive and generally there is a sense of calm.

I could have slept another hour or two but I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful morning and the early fog. My images today are an attempt to capture the quiet morning. Perhaps there is even a sense of loneliness about the morning. The untouched field and the empty railroad track seem to be waiting for visitors, someone or something to utilize the space.


jvelez said...

I really like the railroad picture. I feel like any moment, something is going to come out of the fog:) Great pictures this morning. I was too lazy to get up early!

trishalyn said...

You’re right – people DO seem to be nicer in the morning. I’m so glad you got up early and captured those fog images! Great utilization of perspective in the railroad photo!!!