Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Many Shapes and Colors of Dusk

This evening, it wasn't an image I found standing alone, rather it was an image that I found being reflected in a window that caught my eye. I really enjoyed these pictures because the reflections add interest and the colors of the sky, reflected in the window, were beautiful. Today I definetely was reminded to move my feet, turn my head, bend, etc. in order to see the many angles and perspectives of a scene.


trishalyn said...

WOW! What more can I say? I LOVE reflections...and these so beautiful! The colors...the "waves"...just breathtaking! Please tell...any "Photoshopping"? Or are they straight from the camera? I'm so thankful for your inspiring images.

jvelez said...

Steve, these came out so amazing! As I was heading to my meeting, I was watching the beautiful sky and wondering if any of my photo buddies had taken advantage. The ripples from the glass are captivating. Thanks for sharing!