Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick! No One's Looking!

Well, why not casually walk into a flower shop with your camera and wait until the counter person disappears into the back room so that you can whip out your camera and snap a few pictures? There isn't anything illegal about browsing! Besides, the flower shops do such a nice job of 'staging' the flowers with lights and props that it would be a shame not to photograph them. Since the store was full of flowers I had to crop pretty tight which may be a bit annoying but I really couldn't avoid it. If I wanted to isolate this presentation I had to eliminate distraction by zooming in close. I liked the lighting. I think it adds a little drama to flowers. I hope you agree!


linda said...

I like the second image better, without the candlestick, and the lighting on the flowers is pretty dramatic considering it was a grab shot. You're getting brave these days!

jvelez said...

I like the first image best. The candle is an elegant addition. You're much braver than I am!

trishalyn said...

"Elegant" and "brave" are two words I was going to use to describe your lovely flower images. I see that Jayme beat me to it! I assume you used flash? I liked how the background was dark - it offset the flowers and made them stand out. A flower shop...what a great idea! One of these days I'm going to follow you out of always come up with such clever ideas! Nice job, Steve!