Thursday, October 23, 2008


The first two pictures remind me, once again, of the importance of moving my feet when photographing. I first saw the golden trees and wanted to use them as a background, adding color to the angel image. Then I moved slightly to one side and noticed the brilliant blue sky, making for another colorful image. Two completely different images made simply by moving a few feet one way or the other.


linda said...

Nice images, Steve. Just to show you once again, how subjective art is, I like the last image best. I like the statue itself, but also the monochromatic look.

trishalyn said...

My favorite is the angel with the golden trees in the background! It might be because I like the pose of that angel more than the others...hard to say. Glad you remembered to move around and try different angles (angles - angels, a slight moving around of letters makes a big difference...just like in photography). I enjoyed your angels, Steve!