Monday, October 27, 2008

Shapes and Forms

I set out, after work, to find shapes/forms that caught my eye. I was fortunate to find a few that I liked. Trying to race the clock, in order to use daylight, I wasn't able to get home for my tripod. I apologize for not using a tripod, especially in the first image. I do like the idea of photographing shapes and making images that are abstract.

Do you see the letter R in this pic? I could have used this in my last project! This image also has a little Egyptian flavor, don't you think? My final image is my favorite. I like the curves and the details. The artists who make these objects are truly talented. Think about all the doors, windows, frames, pieces of pottery, etc. that are beautifully crafted. There are so many artists, of all different types, that deserve a lot of respect!


jvelez said...

I really like the last one too. There's something about it that just captures me. Good shots today. I too love the abstract shot and the shapes and lines aspect of photography. I totally have to work on that:) Thanks for your patience and diligence in this whole blog thing. You're showing me new things every day.

linda said...

Nice idea, Steve. I especially like the images in bw. The last one is my favorite too, but I like them all. I'm so impressed with your diligence to the challenge, and to the wide variety of images you get.

trishalyn said...

The last one was my favorite, too! I like the look of abstracts, too (and YES, that one image DID look Egyptian, and YES I DID see the "R"!). Nice job capturing interesting images on a dreary day! :-)