Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going Strong!

A trip to Vermont today allowed me to capture some images for my daily post. I didn't strike it rich with hundreds of photos; however, I was pleased with the few that I took. I keep reminding myself that "real" photographers do not capture stunning images each time they go out, so I need to take some pressure off of myself. I'm always looking for that wonderful image but need to realize that I won't always find it. I spent a much needed day in the country and that is more important than capturing the award winning photograph that I was seeking....well it should be more important! Anyway, the rocking chair was inviting for anyone that had walked around the quaint towns of Vermont for hours; however, for me I was drawn to the vibrant color of the chair contrasted by the colors of the pillow. The church photo is your typical Vermont scene. Regardless of how typical it may be I think those scenes are eye catching each time one sees them. How could I pass up two cows in love? The firetrucks caught my eye from across the street because of the line that they were in which showcased their 'sameness'. Hope the images are pleasing to you too!


trishalyn said...

Judging by your images, Steve, your trip to Vermont was a huge success!!! I liked what you wrote - I think we all need to remember your good advice. Where in Vermont did your journey take you? Glad you had a great day!

Jim Murray said...

I agree with trish. The trip looks to have been a success. Being that i have no eye for any of this i am sooooooooo impressed. I love your work.
have to admit i stole the chairs pictures and use it as my background!

linda said...

Love the images. Vermont, or any part of New England at this time of year, is a photo rich environment. As I said to Trish last week, doing this assignment of "at least one photo a day" is a great way to begin to see the ordinary in extra-ordinary ways.