Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little Early Halloween Treat!

This evening was a good one for me. I was invited for dinner, which is always a blessing! One less meal for me to plan and eating with others is much more enjoyable than alone, in front of the television.
These images were fun to take because it was a family effort! Each contributed ideas, props and moral support.
I'm happy I was able to celebrate Halloween a little early this year. My nieces, sister and mother provided Halloween treats and cookies in hand-crafted treat bags! Who could ask for more?
I really liked this reflection in the window. Kids and adults aren't the only ones to look out a rain drenched window and wish for a nicer evening.


jvelez said...

The last one is my favorite. Great idea! Really sets the tone for the weather and changing season. There's a certain solitude about your last picture too. Did you name the pumpkins? And I'm only upbeat about the snow because I sooooo despise it myself:)

linda said...

Well, as usual, great images. I like the first and last ones best. Good creative imagination. I think you should consider getting the last one printed to use for the library display. Very different and eye catching.

trishalyn said...

Loved your Halloween photos! The first and last ones were my favorites, too. They were all very creative...not the usual jack-o-lantern pics. Great job, Steve...and glad your family had fun helping you! :-)