Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A teacher affects eternity, unknowing of where her influence stops.

In 1986 a young girl wrote the following in my senior yearbook. "I guess it has been a pleasure knowing your ugly face. I think you will be a great teacher, if you make it through college. At first I thought you were selfish, obnoxious and arrogant....I realize that you are still all of those characteristics." My friend Shelly wrote those sweet words. Ok, to be fair she also wrote that I was "a great kid and you do have a great sense of humor and personality." 18+ years of teaching together, side by side, and we still have the same relationship from 1986. I would describe it as mentor/intern, me taking the responsibility of being a role model to a less experienced teacher with much potential. She might describe it as being on roller-coaster ride with an insanely flawed co-worker who relies on her steadiness for guidance, professionally and otherwise. Let's not split hairs, the truth is Shelly and I will have 18+ more years of teaching together and I wouldn't have it any other way. This image is exactly what I wanted. The partial silhouette captures the seriousness of a teacher, grading papers at the end of a long day.


trishalyn said...

Stunning image!!!! know how I love silhouettes (and partial ones, too) and this one is amazing!!!!! I love the composition...with the books in the back corner and the window behind the teacher. It says to me that this teacher is opening the world to her students. Great job on the essay, too...I love the whole package!!!!

jvelez said...

To me, using the silhouette for this one shows the mystery of what it means to a be teacher, unknowing of her own influence and knowledge. This is definitely a power picture to me. Awesome, awesome job. Put me down for the whole package too. 18+ years of teaching to go? Does that mean I'll be working with you that long? I'll be really old then! He-he, just kidding!

linda said...

Great image and concept to go with it. Isn't it fun when you have a history with someone and you know, God willing, that it will continue for a long time to come? Congrats on having such a good friend and being able to work with her in a field your both passionate about. She's a lucky one too.