Saturday, October 25, 2008


A busy day at the Photo Expo prevented me from taking many pictures; however, I managed to take these few. I absolutely love NYC and was thrilled to be invited to go with my friend Jim Sack. I found a few photo-treasures that may enhance my future pictures and I was able to walk the streets of the greatest city in the world. I must note that posting at 10:30 also shows my dedication or obsession to this blog contest.


trishalyn said...

Fantastic!!! Great collection of images from your trip to the Big Apple (I'm SO jealous!). Can't believe you were home in time to post at 10:30 p.m. Your dedication is keeping ME motivated! Eager to hear about your new "toys".

jvelez said...

These all came out wonderfully. I love the fast moving pictures of the shoes. Glad you were able to take a trip to the city and sounds like it was an awesome day all around!

P/S akagaga commented on your cowboys...did you see? Yea, new commentor!

linda said...

Nice job, Steve. I like the moving feet too. Posting at 10:30 is tough, isn't it. I know why you did it--you WANT that trophy, right?