Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Peaceful Shrine

What luck I had this afternoon. On my busy day I worried about what image I could take in the time that I had available. I even whined to Trish today, saying that it would be difficult to find anything meaningful. Then a stroke of genious! The Shrine! Yes, there are plenty of opportunities there for photos. I quickly learned that there really aren't plenty of opportunities but maybe a few. I remembered that I was carrying my newer fisheye lens and hoped to find the Shrine open...and it was. Not only was the Shrine open, but it was deserted. I thought using the fisheye lens on a round structure may be just the trick to make the image more interesting. I know this lens has to be used sparingly; however, I think I accomplished my goal in making an interesting image. What do you think?


linda said...

O.....MY.....GOSH!!!!! You know how I love the fish eye look. These are great, I would be soooo jealous if I didn't know I'm not supposed to covet. Great idea, great job. Lucky you for having that lens--have fun with it.

jvelez said...

These pictures look really cool:) That lens is pretty neat as well. Long long ago in a far away land, I had a fish eye lens, but I could never get the pics to turn out this that! What an awesome look and meaningful as well!

trishalyn said...

Linda took my words. OMG!!!...OMG!!!...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE that first is SOOOOOO cool!!!!!!!! It looks like a crystal ball...just awesome! You definitely win the prize!!! I was planning on going to the Shrine someday....but you beat me to it! Now I want a fisheye lens (don't we always want just one more toy?!). I'm so impressed, especially since you DID whine to me that you had no time today! See...there is ALWAYS time to take at least one photo! :-) Great, great job, Steve! P.S. I broke my own rule today - I don't like to peek at other blogs until I've posted my own. Now I remember WHY I have that rule!!!