Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crazy Political Times

I don't remember a political season with so many ups and downs and twists and turns as Election 2008. Everyone has an opinion, most are fed up with Washington and people are aware that this historical election is a very important one for the American people. Some want change, some want security and most want 'better'. I read that my students' generation is the first generation in American history that statistically will NOT do better than the generation before it. This generation will have a lower living standard then my generation. That scares me! What have we created for our youth? What legacy are we going to leave behind? I fear that America is headed toward a socialist attitude where the government is expected to take care of its citizens. I never thought this country would head down that road. I always believed that America was about competition, supply and demand and old fashioned hard work and ingenuity. Anyway, I tried to create a photo that captured the insanity of this election. As jumbled as the signs are, in my image, so are the thoughts of many Americans. I only hope the voters are able to "look beyond the view" of the political candidates. We need to look beyond image and smooth talking and realize that serious long term effects will come from the choice we make in the election booth.
God Bless America and its values- may the hard work of our founding fathers not get lost.


linda said...

Great, great, great! Love the image and the sentiments that go with it.

jvelez said...

So how exactly did you create this image? It's pretty awesome and I didn't steal your idea. I also loved your comments. It's one of the reason why getting our kids to see the big picture now will be important later. Sometimes, I quietly hope that just one thing will sink in and hide and someday they will remember and understand. Even if I wasn't the one who said it to them...I think we need to keep reminding our kids of these important life lessons and the power they have to change things. I remember as a child you constantly heard that the children are the future, but we don't hear that so much anymore...we need to bring that back!!!

trishalyn said...

Beautiful writing, Steve, to go along with your GREAT image!!! I've been looking at those signs everyday, knowing there was a "photo op" in them...but you are the one who found it. Nice job!!!