Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Return To Empty Times

Getting my Master's Degree in Political Science isn't a time that I look back upon with joy. I found SUNY Albany to be cold and to be empty of laughter and life.
This image makes me chuckle because on the social events bulletin board there are no events listed. On this day, when most campuses are full of activity, there was no one walking around. The campus was void of energy. In this series of pictures I tried to capture the mood of loneliness and abandonment. You will have to let me know if I achieved my goal.
Here I found two small birds sitting on a cold cement ledge. Other than one another, they have no company. There isn't even a trace of garbage for them to pick on.
Again, I found this scene to be amusing. This beverage, which promotes healthy and energetic living, was left behind. Again, no energy or activity in sight. Ironically, the can (which I did not move whatsoever) was 3/4 full. I wondered, in a science fiction sort of way, if I spilled the contents of the can would color and emotion suddenly fill the frame. When I practice more with photoshop I could color the can, leaving the rest of the scene in black and white. Symbolically, that would make an interesting photo.
SUNY Albany is littered with open stairways and long tunnel-like passageways. I read that the campus' architecture is styled after a southwest, open-aired concept. With the cold winds of the Northeast, this concept, if true, was a mistake. Rarely is there a warm glow from the sun spreading between the buildings. Rarely does one feel warmth on this campus, as bitter temperatures and a cutting breeze always seems to be present. I wasn't feeling down today when I stepped foot on the campus. I was interested in seeing what changes had taken place in the years since my last visit. I left an hour later feeling introspective and sad. The memories and emotions of my experiences, as a student on campus, came rushing back to me. I was happy to get back to my Jeep and drive off.


jvelez said...

You really did an excellent job today and I think you totally captured the sense of loneliness and abandonment you set out to. Funny you should choose that campus...I once wrote a poem about that campus with the same exact sentiments. It is kind of a dreary looking place, all stone and no color. I absolutely LOVE the picture with the's perfect!

akaGaGa said...

Well, whatever you caught down there is contagious. I want no part of it!

Bridget said...

you got what you were aiming for except the pix of the 2 birds...somoething cozy about that.
nice job!

linda said...

Good images, Steve. They certainly portray a sense of loneliness, and almost despair. I love BW and I think that added to the emotion you were trying to achieve.

trishalyn said...

You captured the feeling of that campus perfectly!!! It IS a cold, uninviting place (no matter what the season!). I, too, have noticed the loneliness of that campus. Where are all the people?! (I think they are using the underground tunnels). I really love the b/w...goes along with the mood. The birds were adorable...loved that one...and the bicycles! Great job, Steve!