Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Do you know what this is?? Of course not! I was having fun with light and zooming in/out with my long lens and this was one of the results! Pretty cool.

Below are the images that made the creation above possible. I found the BEST place to park and get shots of this holiday display. I didn't even have to leave my Jeep as I used my window "tri-pod" and the self-timer. I'm going to love the window-pod as I have made it crystal clear that I am not a fan of winter's cold weather. I can sit in my Jeep, drink coffee and catch good shots!!
Happy Holidays!


linda said...

Nice, Nice, NICE. Yea, I like the idea of staying in the car and staying warm. I love the swirl photo, but really like the light display photos too. Good job.

jvelez said...

I love the swirl! Which image made that one? And what the heck is a window pod? :) And WHY would you want to be rolling around in the frost? You crack me up!

By the way, where was that light display? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

trishalyn said...

The light display you are referring to is in memory of Kristy began 10 years ago (I think I have my facts correct). I've always wanted to go, but never got around to it. Thanks to you, Steve, now I have! Great nighttime images...and especially loved the swirl photo!!!

Bridget said...

i love the first one and the other 2 are very nice also.
i have got to get out more often:)