Monday, November 3, 2008

And The Beat Goes On

What a challenge it is to photograph a band! The lighting, the equipment, wires and movement of the artists, all combined to make tonight's assignment the most challenging that I have ever encountered. It was a wonderful learning experience and a whole lot of fun! I'm a groupie! I'll tell more about this band at a later date as I plan on shooting this band again in the near future.
Thank you to the band for inviting me and for tolerating all the flashes of the camera. You sounded great!


linda said...

Great images,Steve. I love the second one with the motion.

jvelez said...

I like the second one too! Lots of energy in that photo. What was the lighting like? Was it a nighmare?
* in answer to your question, I took the picture outside on my roof and there were ugly powerlines and other distractions.*

trishalyn said...

Very impressive, Steve! Loved what you did to the drums...and also loved the motion image. I can see a second career in your future! :-)

Jim Murray said...

great pics
what band did you photograph?

Bridget said...

i love these pictures!
good job steve.