Thursday, November 6, 2008

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

"Man loves company - even if it is only that of a small burning candle." Georg C. Lichtenberg
I usually thrive when in the company of others. I look forward to conversing with a friend or the sound of laughter when surrounded by family. Tonight, however, peace and quiet suits me just fine.


jvelez said...

Wow, those are incredible. I like the first shot best. How did you do it?! That really gives the sense of warmth and peace. Nice job:)

trishalyn said...

Yes, your images evoked a sense of peace and tranquility. I liked the filter used on the second image, but preferred the first one. One reason, being that your beautiful tablecloth (or was that Photoshopped in?!) is more prominent in the first photo. Love your candles...and your photos!