Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Church Lantern, Rt 67

Keeping a notebook on my Jeep's passenger seat was a brilliant idea on my part. When I see "photographable" images, I write them down so that I can make a return visit. Between work and parent conferences I was able to drive 10 more minutes from home to snap this image!! Easy! If I'm going to make 365 days in a row, I need to keep pre-planning!

9pm, image posted, and now I need to think about tomorrow's image! ugh.


linda said...

Very nice. I like them both, can't decide which I like better. Your "notebook" idea is a good one. I might just have to do that too.

jvelez said...

I love the lantern! It is a lovely picture. I really like the true color one better because it makes me think of colonial times. Beautiful! How much for a page from your notebooks? :)

trishalyn said...

Yes, you are positively brilliant...but then, we already knew that! :-) Love the simplicity...and the color image is my favorite. Like Jayme, it reminds me of colonial times, which reminds me of Williamsburg, which reminds me of MY BOY!!! :-)

Bridget said...

nice image.
i like the colored one slightly better.
the notebook is a great idea.
i can;t remember anything.