Sunday, November 9, 2008

And She's Off!! Ok, Jamie isn't a horse, but she runs like one! Fast!

Today was a great day for numerous reasons. The weather was terrific for November, my niece Jamie was running another race and I got to spend time with my nieces, my sister and brother-in-law. As seen below, Jamie warms up for a 1 mile race around the duck pond in Schenectady's Central Park. She did great, winning a medal for her efforts!

As you can see, the sun was bright but that didn't detract from some fun pictures of these two sisters! Jamie's sister, father, mother and myself, spread ourselves out to cheer for Jamie and to keep her going strong. Jamie has a good cheering-squad behind her!

I'm starting to get more and more attracted to pictures that show motion. I slowed down the shutter just a touch in order to get some blur without taking away the ability to recognize the action. I'm slowly learning my new camera and how to transition quickly from one function to another.
I really like the outside portrait below. Jenna is always a good sport and is very photogenic.
Some days, it's a chore to get a picture up on the blog; however, today it was pure joy!


jvelez said...

You can tell in your pictures how much you enjoy your nieces and family. I love the picture of the two sisters and Jamie warming up. Sounds like it was a great day!

trishalyn said...

You have such beautiful nieces! Great portraits, Steve...loved them all! I liked the composition...and the motion...of the swings image, too. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day with your family. You are certainly blessed!!!

Bridget said...

sounds like a great day.
your nieces are adorable.
i esp liked the one of jenna alone and the one of jamie stretching.
what lucky girls to have such a loving uncle!

linda said...

Great shots, Steve-all of them, but I especially love the last one--you know, the real close up portrait. Bridget is right, your nieces are really blessed to have you in their lives.