Saturday, November 29, 2008

Abra Cadabra!

Who can pass up a magic act? I know I can't especially when the magician is an adorable niece of mine! Here Jamie dazzles me with her talent. I tried having her keep her head still and yet get some motion in the hat. If you look closely, I achieved what I intended. It is subtle and I'm not sure it makes a difference but what is magic without motion? In the first picture I added a spin to give interest and considering the theme of magic, I think it works well.
Thanks for entertaining me Jamie! Keep practicing because I want another show soon!


trishalyn said...

GREAT IMAGES!!! Love them all, Steve...but the close-up of Jamie with her hat is stunning! She is a beautiful girl, anyway, and the light is gorgeous. Jamie looks like she is having such fun, and it shows in your images. Great model, great photographer! :-)

Bridget said...

she is a great model.
great pix esp the close up with the hat.
i really like the portrait s you do.

linda said...

Great images. I especially like the first two. You have a wealth of photo ops with those nieces of yours.

Photographer: Rachel M said...

I really like the side profile. Great shot. I do like the other two also!.