Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time For A New Picture!

It is time that I got rid of that "Grouchy" poster as my identity. I was brave and decided to take some self-portraits while I was at school today. Well a head shot of myself would just be too difficult to look at each time I logged on, so this is my compromise. Which image do you think I should use?

This image is a bit 'outside of the box'. What am I reaching for? Perhaps I'm holding something?
I may use this image as my out of the three, which do you like?


Bridget said...

they are all pretty cool.i esp like the last one.i can actually recognize you in that one.
however,i think a real picture of you would be the way to go:)

trishalyn said...

As much as I love silhouettes (well, I guess they are all silhouettes), I vote for the first image (do our votes really count?!). Besides liking that composition the best, that image captures the real "Steve" to me. Great job!!! P.S. I'm glad you are retiring "Grouchy"! :-)

linda said...

Well, I like the last one best--self-portraits are difficult to do, as well as the motion ones. You're choosing to do some difficult photography that should really expand your skills. Nice job. But, I also think that you should have an actual photo of yourself. Just my opinion.

jvelez said...

I like the 2nd and third ones. The 2nd one shows you thinking. The position of your fingers near your face adds depth and meaning. The third one is mystifying to me. I almost feel like you are conducting music or trying to capture something imaginary in your hands. Very unusual and cool and it's hard to say which one to go with. If you want dramatic, somewhat mysterious and deep, go #3!

Jim Murray said...

definitely number 1