Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Before and After

Today was my "low-desparate" day in photography. I could not find anything that really struck me to capture. But at 4:01, in Amsterdam, NY, there was a break of sunshine. Actually, there was a pretty cool sunset here. This barn sits on rt 67, a quarter mile North out of Amsterdam. The sun came out and made the red-outlined windows "pop". I pulled over quickly and shot this image in fear of the sun getting lost behind clouds again. I did it! I got the picture I wanted, remembering Linda's advice of photographing 3 to make it more interesting. I think the three windows are interesting. To be honest, the rest of the barn was not. Anyway, because I have no life (ha, ha) I sat at my computer this evening adding the blue sky and clouds in the second picture. Picture one is untouched, photo two is manipulated in that I added the clouds. I didn't go as slowly in the touch-up as I should have so you will see flaws; however, please notice the overall effect.


linda said...

Nice image. I definitely like the second one better, you did a great job on the sky. Notice how boring my post is, talk about being desperate!

Bridget said...

perfect composition.
great work in photo shop.
the second image is very good,

trishalyn said...

Wow, I'm really impressed! I loved the first image...then I saw the second one. As I said, IMPRESSIVE!!! Great composition..."3" of anything is more interesting than "2", and I love how the red pops against the dark side of the roof. Was this image on your "list"? You're getting pretty darn good at that photoshopping, too! :-)