Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amish Country

A trip home this evening took me through Amish country which is always rich with interest and photo-ops. I passed AMAZING images of little Amish children walking home from school. With their lunch pales in hand, the photo possibilities were endless. The little boy who stuck out his tongue at me, as I drove by, offered another amazing photo. I; however, respect their wishes not to be photographed (unless the kid sticks his tongue out a second time!) and so I drove past without the photo. The barn-raising presented itself with much space between myself and the Amish and so I didn't hesitate to snap away. I really like the modern farm in the background as a comparison of lifestyles.

The earth provides so much for us whether we are Amish or not. A simple photo of corn seems rather pointless until one stops to realize the percentage of people around the world that would celebrate wildly to be able to harvest a field of corn.


jvelez said...

The dimensions you showed in the first photo are wonderful. Did the kid stick out his tongue again? :) I also love the old equipment in black and white. It really makes the subject dramatic and yet peaceful!

linda said...

Great ideas. Love the barn construction photo. Is that the same hay rake I photographed?

trishalyn said...

The Amish make such interesting subjects. I applaud your character in resisting the urge to snap away...makes me feel ashamed of myself! I like the comparison of the lifestyles in the first image...and of course, hay rakes always make for a great image. Nice job, Steve! :-)

Bridget said...

beautiful shots.
the amish are so tempting(in a photographic opportunity sort of way).
loved the barn raising.