Sunday, November 2, 2008

Park It!

It was such a beautiful morning, though a bit frosty, that I drove around to take my day's picture. I found myself at Washington Park in Albany. I wasn't overly inspired but I like these two images enough to post. I wish everyone a great day! I'm off to see Mama Mia at Proctors Theater.


trishalyn said...

I love them!!! Can't believe the trees have so many leaves left on them. Really beautiful images, Steve! You sure put your extra hour to good use. Enjoy the theater!

jvelez said...

Very nice pictures. I too took some simple pictures today. We were of the same mind! Have a great time at the play:)

linda said...

I've always managed to get something at Washington Park. Love these images. I guess I have to get motivated, like you've been, to get out of the house and find some photo ops. Especially with this challenge, getting into a rut is NOT a good thing.

Bridget said...

lovely pictures steve.
i can feel the frost.
i hope you enjoyed mama mia as much as i did.

JOHNHOON said...

yah,it is so beautiful!
where it is??