Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Message For The Holidays!

On Rt. 5, heading toward Scotia, there is a firehouse that often has vehicles like the ones I photographed sitting in its parking lot. I imagine that they use these cars, involved in actual accidents, as a teaching tool. I remember an old photo-assignment where we had to use text to enhance a picture and knew just what to do. I immediately thought that these photos send a clear message in themselves and that all I would need to do is place a title or stat along with the image. I do wish everyone a very safe holiday. Perhaps this posting is a good reminder to us all and that we should remind our students and own children/loved ones to be careful always, but certainly during the holidays where drinking does occur to excess. Not worried about yourself or your family because they do not drink irresponsibly? I remember my own mother saying "I'm not so much worried about you Steve, I'm worried about the other drivers on the road that don't have as much sense."


linda said...

Very nice! Like them both, but especially the second one. Good thinking and good captures.

Bridget said...

a good reminder to plan ahead if we are going out.
one bad decision can certainly change our lives and the lives of others forever.
good job steve.

trishalyn said...

Powerful images, Steve! Even though the photos project a clear message, I'm drawn to them even more because of the text. I hope many people...young and old...see these and get the message! (Possibly a thought for our library show?).