Friday, November 14, 2008

Angels are never too distant to hear you

What a beautiful, warm, sunny November day it was today. I gladly visited a new found cemetery to find this statue, one that I had not photographed before. With fall leaves as the backdrop, this angel caught my eye. I'd like to think that she realizes just how much character she adds to an otherwise ordinary looking stretch of the cemetery.


jvelez said...

I like the backdrop for this picture and I also love the detail it shows in her face. Very beautiful!

linda said...

Well, you know I love it. The red, out-of-focus background really makes the statue pop. Nice job.

trishalyn said...

Another beautiful angel to add to your collection! I love this one...and as the others commented, the colorful background really makes your angel stand out. Gorgeous!!!

Bridget said...

tender faced statue.
love the blurry fall background.
very nice.