Monday, November 17, 2008

Give light and people will find the way

I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much when I took this picture. Around this image is a lot of "junk". Buildings, cars, highways and people surround the frame of this image. It appears to be a quiet area; however, it is everything but tranquil. I do think the image captures November in the way I see it. November is a transitional month, leaving behind the warmth and brilliant colors of autumn while preparing to welcome white, snow-covered fields of winter. I like how the warm yellow light from the lantern contrasts with the icy-cold moisture stuck to the tree branches. The extra bonus in the image.


linda said...

Nice image--great idea. I think I spend too much time in the house. You come up with some nice ideas because you're out and about so much.

trishalyn said...

This is did you do it? I really like the composition! Nice job, never seem to be lacking in ideas!

jvelez said...

I love the warm light. Very cozy!

Bridget said...

very nice picture.
the light is the warmest yellow.
i need to convert you to a november lover.
we'll talk:)

yeema said...

beautiful light, beautiful picture:)