Monday, November 10, 2008

Rock Around The Clock!!

Tonight's trip to a museum in Johnstown was a fun and educational trip down memory lane!
This man-made museum is phenomenal. Early 1960s retro items are in every corner of this converted house. I was so blown away by the owners and their treasure that I don't even know what more to say. I thought of my grandmother a lot tonight because many of the products, games and toys and household items are those that I remember her having. I saw cigar boxes that used to house my small toys, food products such as the beverage Wink that I used to consume, board games that I have played and children's books that I used to read. These pictures represent a tiny, tiny portion of what can be found in this hidden-away museum. Thanks to the photo-group for setting up tonight's adventure. For the photo-op, the friendship and the delicious dinner which followed...I thank you all-Bridget, Linda, Trish and Jayme!


jvelez said...

Even though I thought it was wretched while we were there, your pictures made me appreciate the unique lighting experience! Love the jukebox! It was an awesome field trip for sure.

linda said...

Great images, Steve. Love your perspectives and vision. It was a great experience, all of it, as you said.

trishalyn said... your images, Steve! I especially love your jukebox photo. I couldn't quite grasp how to capture their beauty...and you hit it out of the park. And I didn't even see those other treasures that you found! What a fun night we all had!

Bridget said...

love the lava lamps!!!!!!!!!!
nice job steve