Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gloversville, I know, has many nice sections and lovely neighborhoods; however, each time I drive down Main Street there is a depressing feeling that comes over me. I try to imagine Gloversville in its prime. A long Main Street full of bustling shops and restaurants which emit a taunting scent into the air, luring patrons to the table. I imagine families, theater goers and teenagers enjoying all that the city has to offer. Looking at these bleak images takes me away from dreams and ideals, as reality clearly screams out that Gloversville has fallen into disrepair.

Sidewalks, alley-ways and lawns have been substituted as closets and storage areas. Garbage cans are lacking as budgets probably do not allow for collection to occur. As a result, the city streets are dirty and litter is strewn about.
Did you catch the spider in the window? I thought this "toy spider" must be the work of a very clever individual, leaving behind a memento to help identify what the empty space would become. Yesterday I wrote about the month of November and how it represents an 'ugly' time of year. Perhaps the bareness and cruelty of the month exposes what the landscape truly looks like, similar to a woman, who usually paints her face and suddenly is not allowed to apply makeup.


jvelez said...

I think you captured the "shell" that is left of a bustling downtown. It is sad how things change and sometimes become vacant. I wish I could've seen the old days as well. My favorites are the first one and the tires. And the black and white was a good choice. You really capture the essence of things with your work! I'm jealous!

Bridget said...

great pictures steve.
i loved the black and white.it so suited your subject.
november though is getting such a bad rap...........we need to talk:)

linda said...

Great images, Steve. Love the b&w. Again, you make me realize that I HAVE to get out more. Just sticking around the house doesn't do it for inspiration. I love downtown Gloversville, so rich in photo ops. I, too, would like to have seen it in its prime, it was probably amazing. Good job.

Steve said...

great job!

trishalyn said...

I'll echo what everyone else has said: great images...love the b/w! Your photos speak volumes, Steve. Thanks for inspiring all of us! (Though if your photos weren't so good, we might give up and you would win the trophy!).

JoelMac said...

I, too, really like the tires. The B&W really sets the mood. I like the symmetry of the windows and trees and how the slope of the hill offsets or disrupts it.