Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please Listen To This Beautiful Song


Like photography, music is for the listener to interpret and make his own. I believe one of the greatest compliments to an artist is to do just that...make the photo or the song your own. I changed some of the words to fit my life just as a viewer of a photograph can make up where, how, when, why...so that he "owns" the image now.

This song is beautiful. I know the meaning behind the song, as sung by Stevie Nicks, because I've heard her interviewed about it. Can you make the song fit your life? Can you make someone else's photograph fit your life? If you could choose one photo from my blog or anyone else's blog and have it represent just one moment in time in your own life, could you? That would be a great compliment to the photographer. More importantly it would indicate that you are connecting with art and your own emotions.

Even if I'll never hold you....again
hold you....sleepless child
There's so little time
Your eyes say yes
but you can't say yes
ahhhh...I wish you could be mine
ahhhh...I wish you could be mine
I'm not a child any more
but I'm a fool once more
I loved you
I still love you
I still need you
I wish
I wish that you were mine.....


jvelez said...

This is a beautiful song and I totally agree with you. Art is about making something your own. As to making a photograph my own, Your wooded area picture from the other day is MY own because I feel like I'm walking through the woods right now, searching for the sky. Great entry, Steve.

trishalyn said...

This is requiring a lot of thinking...my head hurts. :-)
I will listen to the song as soon as I have a chance. Beautiful writing, Steve...thank you.