Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Room With A View

You literary enthusiasts and/or movie watchers will remember my heading of A Room With A View as E.M. Forster's turn-of-the-century novel about Edwardian manners which was expertly adapted for the screen. Lucy (Helena Bonham Carter) travels to Florence with her chaperon (Maggie Smith) in tow. There, Lucy meets and falls for a fellow countryman's moody son (Julian Sands). But like any proper Englishwoman of that era, she must fight her feelings … and it's a losing battle. Merchant-Ivory's first big hit won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.
The images here are a view from my window at different times of the day today. What a difference a few hours makes. Also, I simply moved the camera a few inches to left to capture the setting sun over the neighborhood. It isn't Florence! But it's lovely.


trishalyn said...

BEAUTIFUL...I love YOUR room with a view!!! I knew you would capture that gorgeous blue sky today. Great job, Steve!

JoelMac said...

These are cool. I, too, like the blue sky.

Bridget said...

i love these window shots.
esp the one taken at dusk.
great idea and pictures.

Linda said...

Very nice. This cold weather is forcing us to be a little more creative and see things we wouldn't normally notice. The sky was really beautiful today, wasn't it?