Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Feeling 'Blue' About This Shoot!

This was fun. I took a Saratoga Water Bottle that a faculty member had left in the teacher's room and I began photographing it with natural light. Suddenly I remembered the interesting light that I found with my cd/rainbow shots by using my classroom's overhead projector. I placed the bottle on the glass surface and turned on the bright light. WOW..it was cool! The light from underneath illuminated the bottle, enhancing its blue color.

The shot above was the view that I saw by nearly sitting on the floor and shooting up at the neck of the bottle. That bottle cap simply came alive! The light from below, reflected off a piece of glass place just out of view of the bottle cap. I really thought this shot was wild. Below, I shot from above and lessened the amount of light on the bottle to get a 'dimmer', moodier shot.

Below, I placed the bottle, sideways, on the glass plate of the overheard projector. Instantly the white light mixed with the blue bottle to cast all sorts of different shades of other colors, including the gold that you see. I had fun with this, I hope it shows!

And finally, I shot down again on the bottle, as I did a few pictures above. This time I allowed more light from above to give the photo a brighter look.


jvelez said...

I love the tilted bottle (#4) but they all looked really great! Thanks for the reminder that we need to shoot from all different viewpoints, including the floor. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your spirit, undiminished!

philmary said...

These again are fantastic,,Can we have two "Where in the World " One for Steve and the rest for everyone else?

trishalyn said...

WOW..these are all awesome! The sideways bottle was really eye-catching (I gasped when I saw it!). You've taken a simple, everyday object and turned it into a work of art. That overhead projector has provided you with a gold mine of photo ops. How about sharing it with us taxpayers? :-) Wonderful job, Steve...and I was glad to see your more upbeat self reflected in the posting. Enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

#2 & #4...thumbs up! :)

Joel MacKenzie said...

These are cool! I think number four is my favorite, I love the contrasted colors.

Bridget said...

these are great steve.
you turned that bottle into a work of art.
love them all.