Monday, January 26, 2009

They Say Art Reflects Mood

Who knew this morning, as I eagerly began my day, that my photo would come to define my day's happenings. Ugh. I took these pictures this morning utilizing a posing light and a drinking glass (plastic actually) that I borrowed from my niece. Yes, it is creepy. I initially took the image because it was a challenge. You see the plastic cup has the skull and crossbones (from a pirate movie). The skulls match on both sides of the cup so that by shining a light through one side, it appears to glow on the other. I had to shoot down, into the cup as well which was challenging.

I was able to then change the color of light's reflection in a similar way that I photographed the cd-rainbows posted a few weeks ago. Below is what the cup actually looks like with no back light and no manipulation of the posing light to achieve the color red.

My day was long and rough but I discovered a few things. 1. Don't get up at 4:30am trying to shoot a plastic cup. 2. Even though this was a pirate cup, I think I attracted bad vibes. 3. Even through difficult times, kindness will come from people around you. My photography continues to evolve and strangely enough, so do I. Thank you Joy.


Linda said...

Very neat idea and good imagination. I like both the white and colored versions.

jvelez said...

Sorry for your rough day and I hope today goes better. I like how you altered the image several ways. You really have good ideas for pictures!

trishalyn said...

Hmmm...very dark and troubled vibes from your posting (maybe you should go back to photographing your angels). You used great creativity and imagination on these images. I liked #2 would make a great black light poster!

Bridget said...

scarey pix :O
i hope today is a better day.
a little kindness on a bad day can go a LONG ways.
i am glad you found some.

Anonymous said...

i agree, scaaary pictures..:(