Saturday, January 3, 2009

Room With A View Part Two

The first photo is yet another view from my apartment. I awoke early this morning to brilliant sunshine. It caught my attention and so I grabbed my camera. I was reminded, as I took the photos, of a movie that I watched yesterday with Harrison that film there was a lady in the film who was a photographer, always snapping pictures. At one point she says something similar to "I enjoy looking through the camera because it is like seeing a little movie in the viewfinder." She then continued to say, "I suppose I've always been a photographer, even before I had a camera." I like that line because some people (and I really think only a relative few) do stop whatever it is that they are doing and look at a scene that has appeared in front of their eyes. They are able to block out all the surrounding "junk" in order to focus on one part of the bigger picture. In that one part, a story develops.

As quickly as the sun caught my eye, I suddenly became distracted as my camera, the camera's strap, my tripod and my arm all entangled in the blinds. As I untwisted them and straightened them out to my satisfaction I wondered how I could recreate that photo. I removed my arm and camera equipment but was successful in creating the mood of tangled blinds by taking multiple, overlapping pictures. This photo has three separate images. Kind of interesting!

The picture above linked to my "abstract" theme of yesterday and the one below links the silhouette photos that I took last week. One nice thing about this challenge is that I can practice skills over and over. The silhouette photo reminds me of the wooden blinds that I had in a previous home, with a heavier and darker/thicker look to the window treatment. One wouldn't know from this picture that the blinds are those white, thin blinds you find at Walmart.

Finally, let me explain the two from yesterday. The first colorful photo is a bowl of Hershey Kisses and the second is a tennis court with a red bench, under a heap of snow! Thanks for guessing. I'm not sure if you guys guessed incorrectly on my behalf or not, but I'm happy that you didn't guess correctly because I'm competitive? or because one shouldn't know an abstract photo? Maybe both.


Linda said...

Nice shots, Steve. Good creativity and imagination. I get the impression that you're happy with the images--and that makes me happy.

trishalyn said...

Wow, you're really into abstracts lately! :-) I love the second shot!!! Did you do the multiple images in Photoshop? (That's probably a stupid question, huh?!). Opening your blog is like Christmas morning...everyday! Great job, Steve!

jvelez said...

I love the three image one, it's kind of like looking at something with double vision. And it really catches my eye:) Awesome sunset picture!