Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dream Big

I saw this necklace on the clearance rack for 1.00 and bought it weeks ago thinking that I could photograph it in my light box. With a bright sun this morning, I did just that. The above image is my favorite image that I took, unaltered. I tried to catch the shine mostly on the top of the letters to add some interest to them.

The image above I really liked. I used a chrome filter. I think it was a good choice since I was using metal lettering. The image below reminded me of the promotional posters for Dream Girls, the movie. Have a great day everyone! and Dream Big!


philmary said...

How close are you in these picts and what apeture?

Bridget said...

nicee job steve.
it's amazing how the different filters dramatically change the mood of each picture.
i also like the first the best!

Linda said...

You're getting soooo creative. Nice job and good thinking to purchase the necklace on sale. My vote goes to the first one too.

trishalyn said...

These are wonderful, Steve!!! My favorite is the first one, too...but I love the filter you used on #2. I also love the slight angle going up (more pleasing than it would have been going the other direction). I am dreaming....of a lightbox...gotta get one of those! Beautiful job, Steve! :-)