Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catch The Color

As I pulled out a cd from my desk I caught the colors that were reflecting off of the surface. I immediately gathered my camera and my disk and headed for my friend Shelly's room which has window access. Shelly no longer asks, she just looks and then goes on with her routine.

I find it interesting that with a just a few degrees movement the colors on the cd go from cool blue shown above to a 'hotter' red color below.

This evening the photo group got together and watched an amazing video titled Extraordinary Visions by Dewit Jones. I highly recommend the video for everyone. The message is valuable for photographers but more importantly there are messages about life. Part of that message is to see beauty wherever you look. I'm grateful that my images today caught my eye.


jvelez said...

That last one just pops on screen. You were definitely right...it's an awesome post for you today! I'm glad you liked the video. We need a healthy reminder of how to see life differently!

jvelez said...

P/S I've got another follower!

lindasinhawaii said...

Great shots-good eye. I love DeWitt Jones. I look first for his article when I get a copy of Outdoor Photographer. He's a great writer as well as photographer. Sorry I missed the video. Sounds like you have a good night tonight.

trishalyn said...

Just like Mr. Jones, you have a knack for finding the beauty in ordinary objects...a great lesson that pertains to LIFE as well as PHOTOGRAPHY. Great job, Steve!