Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laundry Day!

Shhhh... there are people beyond those washers. I had to shoot low to high to avoid being seen by the people who had arrived to put their laundry in the machines. Afterwords they left, allowing me twenty minutes to shoot the other pictures below.

The shot below reminds me of the bathroom photos I took a few weeks ago. The angle, the repetitive nature of the object. Again, I remembered to shoot from corner to corner, hoping that a diagonal picture would be more interesting.

Below you see a reflection shot that really shows what the laundry mat looks like. I like this shot for that reason.

At the laundry mat? Yes, this place has games! Here I tried to win a hat. I only spent 1.50, fifty cents a try. I'm very competitive so I thought walking away was good therapy for me! Besides, the "people" may have returned at any moment and I wanted to photograph some more.

How could I not take a picture of laundry spinning in the dryer. Here my light blue sheets and white dress shirts tumble together and offer the swirling colors as seen below. I purposely didn't crop out the second dryer because I felt that I wanted to keep the look of a laundry mat. Remembering to make the crop look purposeful, I hope it doesn't cause distraction.

And so...on this snow-day I trekked to wash my clothes. And, on this one day, I didn't mind doing my laundry.


jvelez said...

You crack me up! Great ideas and bravery for the post today:) I liked the angle of the quarter thingys and yes, it is reminiscent of your voyage in the bathroom. You are truly odd, but in a good way:)

Bridget said...

i like this series almost as much as th br series which i loved.
i would have loved to see yoy sneaking around the laundermat with your camera!
love the dress shirts in the dryer shot!
good job steve.

meglynn said...

omg I love the pics there soooo cool.

trishalyn said...

You were really concentrating, trying to win that Hannah Montana cap, weren't you? :-) Did you use a tripod? Or set your camera on a washer? I really liked that image a lot. I also really liked the coin machines, and the dryer reflection and the swirling clothes and the "Airing My Dirty Laundry". Gee, I liked them all! Loved your commentary, too...made me smile, thinking of you sneaking your pictures in-between "people". We've all gotten really brave these last few months! Great, fun posting, Steve!

philmary said...

You are going to get your own WITWAI.Hope you like it

Anonymous said...

so did you win a hat or give up?

Anonymous said...

i just want to know what is in your dirty laundry!

Linda said...

I agree with everything that was said in the previous comments. You really are a hoot. You probably NEVER would have done this a year ago. You get an A+ for bravery and creativity.