Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Winter Wonderland

It seems that snow pictures could grace my blog for the length of this year long photo-challenge because the snow keeps falling! Why shouldn't it though? As I drove through the area I was struck that this winter is the old-fashioned winter that I remember having as a kid. Today I saw kids sledding. I saw trucks of all sizes with plows attached. I saw a few snow mobiles making their way through farmers' fields.
At Stewarts there were men and women alike, dressed in snow bibs, buying coffee and a snack before heading back outside to do more plowing. Kids with winter hats, a dog being walked while sporting snow-socks on its paws, fields of snow beginning to bury the smallest of pine trees and steam coming out of roadside water/sewer drains all caught my eye today. It has been a fantastic winter!

These pictures, some in color and some in black and white, are no where near as beautiful as my eyes witnessed; however, I couldn't pass up the freshly fallen snow. The scene below may look familiar to some of those that follow my blog. I love this spot and so I photographed it again.


Bridget said...

the last 2 are stunning.
move over ansel!

philmary said...

Winter needs to be winter if it is to be enjoyed not just endured

P Lyford 1/19/2009

Linda said...

Nice, nice images. Especially the last one. Much nicer with the fresh snow and no foot prints.

Joel MacKenzie said...

These are AWESOME! Nice work.

trishalyn said...'s been a regular Norman Rockwell winter! :-) I truly love the b/w fence shots...especially the 2nd one. I did recognize that last scene, too (I always love your photos of that scene). Great winter wonderland images, Steve!!!

jvelez said...

I love the last one the best! Very beautiful portrayal of winter:)