Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Morning??

Today, I gave an assignment to my fellow photographers to capture an object at eye level. It was to be an object or image that is seen daily by the photographer. Each and every morning I awake to this door knob. It is literally inches from my eyes as my bed is barely able to fit in my bedroom. I have often thought of photographing this image because it is such a part of my daily routine. I arrived home this evening after the sun had set and so I used a filter to give the door a little more interest; otherwise, you would have seen an ugly door knob blown out by a bright flash. Not my most interesting image but probably not my worst image either.


Linda said...

Spectacular!!! I love it, love it! The highlights--beautiful. Even with the door itself breaking the image into two equal parts it's great. There are different things going on on each side of the door because of the filter effect. My eye just keeps going rapidly back and forth to see what's on each side. It's a KEEPER!!! Nice job.

Bridget said...

i also like it.
very interesting photo.nice job with the filter.
it's great you photographed one of those things you always think of taking a picture of but never do.
i have a long list of those.
i think i am inspired!

J.L.Velez said...

It looks like a painting...extremely beautiful:) That was a great idea for a post and it is so unique! Definitely one of your coolest pics this month!

trishalyn said...

The others have said it all. I, too, LOVED this image!!! It was one of those "OOOOOOOOHHH" when first viewed! :-) Great creativity with that filter, too (could you please tell us which filter you used?). Awesome job, Steve!