Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland....AGAIN

Another gorgeous day this winter. Fresh snow once again covered the ground. I hope we go from tons of snow to instant 70 degree weather. I don't want that beautiful snow to turn ugly. I wish we could blink and just go to the next season. But for now, more winter! Bring it on!

These pictures were inspired by Joel (check out his blog in my followers list) and Jayme's photo of the ice on top of her car. They did it better but gave me the idea to go up close on the ice and water.

Black and White above, color below.

The stream, near my house, runs fast and as my foot found out, it also runs very, very cold.


Linda said...

I really love the top image. However, I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT wish I were there to get those gorgeous shots. Good work.

jvelez said...

I love the close ups of the ice. Which by the way, I know they were inspired by Joel, way better than mine. I love how the ice cascades into the creek!

Joel MacKenzie said...

Great work, once again! You're quite a trooper, sacrificing your body for the shot!

I love the way the first one is composed, it seems very nicely balanced.

And, as always, I love the shapes and reflections you can find in ice, or water in any form, for that matter. Hmmm, we've done liquid and solid water, why not its gas form? I wonder about the steam from someone's breath in the cold. That could be interesting. I wonder how that could be captured.

Joel MacKenzie said...

... Without fogging/frosting up your camera lens :)

trishalyn said...

Really beautiful "winter wonderland" images, Steve! I love the close-ups, and the first image is stunning, too. The stream leads the viewer's eye into the image to the bridge...great composition! Regarding Joel's suggestion: I tried capturing "steam" a few weeks ago, but I failed miserably. I think you should try it, and then teach us how to do it! :-)

philmary said...

I really like to cold Winter. I think your shots point out that while winter may be a trial there elemental forces which we encountering that have to be answered.

Bridget said...

beautiful shots steve.
i love hthe subtle differences between the color and the black and white.(i like the color one the best)
i commend your bravery to get out in the cold to capture this beautiful winter!