Friday, January 9, 2009

My Niece Megan, Such A Good Sport!

Megan was helpful today as I was preparing to take yearbook pictures. She allowed me to snap her picture while I tested lighting, etc. Megan, not one to offer a broad smile to any camera, does give me a beautiful one here. I like her profile because, with a slight smile, the photo shows more of her wonderful personality. I think I learned how to capture my subject!! I have found that shooting a person, who doesn't smile 'big' is more flattering because it eliminates the "mug-shot" look.

Again, Meg was a great sport in allowing me to post this second photo. I think it's adorable, in a non-flattering sort of way! I'm giving her a chance to view this one before I permanently post so if you are looking at this one, Megan has given me permission!


jvelez said...

I love Megan's freckles and her eyes are so expressive in the first have a gift for capturing the true essence of a person with your photography. Really amazing pictures!

Bridget said...

very nice portrait.
good advice on the anti mug shot strategy.
the second one is so funny.
megan is such a good sport!

Linda said...

Nice! Hope the shoot at school went okay. Love the second one, very humorous. She's a good sport, tell her we said so.

philmary said...

Like the first .Don't like the second

trishalyn said...

3 CHEERS FOR MEGAN FOR BEING A GREAT SPORT AND WONDERFUL MODEL!!! You captured a beautiful, natural looking expression in image #1, and image #2 is so cool!!! Did you use a filter in the post-editing process? Or did you shoot that from your camera using a special lens? PLEASE TELL!