Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Abstract- Ok I obsess a little!

I was done for the day and then thought "hey, if one bad abstract is posted, why not two!" I obsessed over the first one and then made this one to go along with the first. I thought this one was more difficult in photo shop but then when posting, it is obvious as well! Oh well, it was fun to do...well sort of...ok, not really..but here it is nonetheless!


jvelez said...

I enjoyed both of these abstracts. I really like doing that kind of photography along witht the other types. AND I loved your icycle pictures from the other day. Absolutely breathtaking, especially against the sun set!

trishalyn said...

I LOVE this one!!! Though I have no clue what it is, I think the colors and patterns are awesome! How are you learning to do all these cool things? Trial/error? Help button? Manual? Keep them coming! :-)

JoelMac said...

Very cool and colourful.

Is it Christmas balls?