Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reading Is Fundamental!

A trip to the school's media center was all I needed to take my daily photo. A few days ago I captured urinals in the bathroom mirror and so today I capture books in a window. The urinals were much more interesting!

It was difficult to achieve a long row of books to match the vision I had in my head. I tried but didn't succeed. Below I used macro to get up close and yet I didn't want it to be too close so that you could read the words. Because of that I chose to focus on an illustration so that the viewer would have something to look at. This challenge is having an effect on me. I'm thinking much more before taking a photo. It may not always turn out successfully in the image, however, I am thinking!


Linda said...

I really like this set of images. You have a theme too, along with Phil. I like them all, but I think my favorite is the last one of the close-up of the book. Nice job.

jvelez said...

My favorite is definitely the last one too. There's something different about I've traveled back in time to read that page. Good idea Steve!

trishalyn said...

I really love that last shot too, Steve! It was a great idea to focus on the illustration, and it does have an "old-fashioned" feel to it. Very creative!!!

philmary said...

Well here I am Steve.. At Curry they are doing 1000 Books by Kindergarten Program. Needless to say Mary Lyford is signing up the little girls down stairs. You should do a post about the pernicious effects of TV on young kids..NO TV UNTIL 12yrs IS another Famous program related to reading

Bridget said...

nice group of pictures steve.
i also like the last one.
nice job!
good thinking also:)