Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hot Coffee and a Jeep, My Favorite Combination

This morning I set out in search of breakfast and never stopped! I drove north through Broadalbin, into Saratoga County. Following the Great Sacandaga, I found myself singing, day dreaming, squinting in the sun and watching the scenery metamorphosis from ice to water, from rocky boulders to desolated, almost desert like areas. These two pictures are the images that I stopped to photograph. The image above was constructed in my head as Natalie Merchant sang on the radio. I pictured 'isolation', yet triumph of the will. I was very pleased to find a lone man, on the ice. As far as the eye could see, he was alone, standing against the bitter cold and the whipping winds of this morning. I imagine he would want it no other way. Below, I initially drove past this scene as it was set in, through a patch of dense trees. I first was drawn to the blue water. After a short but snow-deep hike I too, like the man above, stood alone. And I too, wouldn't have wanted it any other way today.


Linda said...

Beautiful images. I LOVE the first one with the lone fourwheeler and the text. Awesome. And of course, the second with the beautiful blue water. Good for you.

Bridget said...

great posting steve.
i can't believe you found blue's beautiful!
i continue to be impressed by your perseverence in braving the cold this winter.
good job.

philmary said...
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philmary said...

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul


trishalyn said...

Steve, these are amazing!!! Love them please don't make me choose! :-) I'm a huge fan of adding text to images, so I was attracted to #1 right away. I'd say you were very lucky to find that lone man out on the ice...but that was not luck, simply your great skill. :-) I give you tons of credit for braving the snow, wind and bitter cold to capture #2. You really are taking Dewitt Jones' message to heart! Great composition of that one. Love the deep blue of the water. Must have been reflecting the deep blue sky? Thanks for your inspirational images!

jvelez said...

The blue water just draws me in like a moth to a flame! I'm also inspired by the text. Simplicity is so needed in our world right now. One of the main reasons I am so drawn to the people of Africa. Great great pictures and posts!